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Magento 2 Custom Tabs

Welcome to X-Mage2 blog. Today, we will learn how to use Custom Tabs extension. Custom Tabs extension allows displaying the attributes of the product in the tab. The products will have more information for customers to reference. You can see it at here.

The Custom Tabs extension features:

  • The number of tabs is unlimited
  • Creation of custom tabs with any content inside

Create Custom Tabs with Magento 2 Backend

  • Step 1: Configuration
  • Step 2: Create product’s attribute
  • Step 3: Apply product’s attribute into attribute set


Step 1: Configuration

You can enable or disable extension in system configuration in backend. You log into your Magento Admin, then go to Stores -> Attributes -> Product Custom Tabs Configuration


Custom Tabs Configuration


Step 2: Create product’s attribute

After installation, you can create a product’s attribute for generate the custom tab. Click Store on menu -> Click Product in Attribute setting.

Custom Tabs Product Attribute Menu
Product Attribute Menu

 At the attribute created form, you input information normally. But in Attribute Code field you must input ct_ at the first. It’s a prefix to identity a custom tab.

Custom Tabs Create Attribute
Create Attribute

Step 3: Apply product’s attribute into attribute set

After product’s attribute was created. You should apply it into attribute set. That means all product use that attribute set can have custom tab.

Custom Tabs Apply Attribute
Apply Attribute

Finally, you input content for product’s attribute custom tab in backend. If the field has no content, the custom tab will not be displayed on the store website.

Now you will see it in Magento 2 store website like this

Product Custom Tabs Result
Product Custom Tabs Result

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