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Create layout 03

You need to setup home page layout based on sections:

  • Slide show
  • Collection list 01
  • Collection list 02
  • Image with text overlay
  • Featured product
  • Blog posts
  • Logo list


About general configuration, this layout is the same with layout 01 and 02. The difference is extra “collection list” section and “featured product” section.

  • Setup slide show section:
    • Section height: medium
    • Heading text size: large
    • Subheading text size: medium
    • Add two images to content: Input text fields and select option
      • Heading
      • Subheading
      • Color
      • Site link
      • Button text
      • Text align: Right, left or center.
  • Setup the first collection list section:
    • Heading and Subtitle: leav them blank
    • Type: standard
    • No crop image: checked
    • Highlight position: select center
    • Collection per row: select 2
    • Add collections to list.
  • Setup the second collection list section:
    • Input text fields
    • Type: standard
    • Highlight position: select center
    • Collection per row: select 4
    • Add collections to list.
  • Setup featured collection section:
    • Input text fields
    • Type: grid
    • Products per row: 3
    • Rows: 2
  • Setup featured product section:
    • Input text fields,
    • Select a product
    • Select background color and heading color for product content.
  • Setup logo list section:
    • Input text fields
    • You can change background color of this section
    • Upload logo: you should use PNG image with transparent background, this way make your logo list more attractive.

You can see stars below product name, because we installed product reviews app. The installation instruction at Setup product reviews app.

This is a demo website for layout 03.

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